Meet Our Executive Board

Executive Board

Special Thanks To Our Executive Board.
I want to once again go on record and say thanks for all of your dedicated efforts in helping us to build an entity which represents redemption of our community and improved prospects for the lives of the folks we have come to love and care for dearly; the under-served, impoverished, hopeless and forgotten.

I am here to tell you that you inspire me to want to fly.
When I reflect on your out-pouring of raw passion and love for such a humble cause, I choke up with tears. No lie! Thanks again. I pray that God may bless you as mightily as you care for the least of His.

In order to carry out the function of the Family Enrichment Through Computing and Hope Program, we need to identify officers for the organization. I included a list of officers and their roles within a non-profit corporation for your review and consideration for fitness and willingness to serve in the particular positions. Please indicate your willingness to serve by dropping us a line or two at

Meet Our Executive Board

Andrew Barrett Sr. - Executive Board Chair
Board Chair
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Co/Vice Chair
Doris Granberry - Co/Vice Chair
Board Treasurer
Board Secretary
Board Members
Anthony Polius - Board Member
Committee Chair
Board and Staff Responsibilities