What Our Kids Say About Themselves

What These Kids SayIn Their Own Words About Themselves?

The Family  Enrichment Through Computing and Hope Program (The F.E.T.C.H. Program) operates on the premise that every person has a story to tell...every life has meaning and therefore we value every individual we serve. No matter how  humbled, broken, cast-down, hurt, insecure, boisterous, unruly, disrespectful, reclusive, stuborn, or needy they may seem initially, we believe that given enough time, love, nurturing and resources, each person will tell their own story in ways that only they could articulate, appreciate, and understand completely.

So with great pleasure and a sense of awesome humility, recognizing the deepest trust which our students have bestowed upon us by sharing their lives in this manner, we present In Their Own Words..

In this segment of our community outreach and youth development initiative, The F.E.T.C.H. Program presents hours of footage of our youth expressing themselves through conversations which we were privileged to compile via our interactions with our communities over the years. With their permission and written consent we are honored to be considered worthy of sharing some very moving and exciting excerpts from our youth service recipients.

We are pleased to invite you in to their world by simply letting them speak directly to you, uncoached, unrehearsed, unedited, just the rough cuts, the raw footage...In Their Own Words.

You are welcome, and encouraged, to bookmark this page as we guarantee that you will be coming back for more. We hope that you will enjoy this most frequently updated area of our entire website, as you too come to recognize that afterall, it is all about the kids...In Their Own Words.