F.E.T.C.H.! Our Vision, Mission, Goals...

The F.E.T.C.H. Program

Welcome to The Family Enrichment Through Computing and Hope Program better know as The F.E.T.C.H. Program.

Our VISION is to live in a society where crime-ridden neighborhoods are a thing of the past, because guns are retired and former offenders are too busy working for reputable companies or operating their own businesses.

Our MISSION is to convert former and present perpetrators of crime and gun-related violence into honest employed tax-paying citizens, while drying up the pipeline to prison or the graveyard for future youthful offenders.

We BELIEVE that through hard work, dedication and righteous anchors every human life can be a success story.

Our GOAL is to provide pathways to employment within the Information Technology sector as clearly visible and attainable alternatives to crime and gun-violence.
Our OBJECTIVE is to produce at least 90 newly certified I.T. Professionals per year from residents living within crime-ridden communities.

F.E.T.C.H.! What is it?

What does it mean to me?
The F.E.T.C.H. Program started out primarily focusing on using Information Technology (our major tool for skills training) as a unique approach to neighborhood crime-prevention and gun-violence reduction.

However in order to respond to the direct requests of our program participants for personal development workshops aimed at benefitting the entire family, The F.E.T.C.H. Program has grown into much more than just a technology driven teaching agency.

Propelled by our unyielding commitment to continued program improvement, increased reach, effectiveness of services offered and relevance to the lives of our target population, The F.E.T.C.H Program now offers:
a) Personal Development Training,
b) Entrepreneurship Training,
c) Academic Enrichment Programs,
d) A Teen Mentorship Program and
e) A Re-entry Program aimed at ex-offenders.

F.E.T.C.H.!FamilyEnrichmentThroughComputingand HopeProgram What is it?