Support and Appreciation

Support and Appreciation

As much as we pride ourselves in being able to reach the unreachable, un-teachable, under-served, at-risk youth within the various communities which we have been privileged to operate the F.E.T.C.H. Program over the years we know quite well that our success and countless causes for celebration were not achieved by our might, skills or ability to function as lone entities trying to do this most noble of services. We are truly indebted to the wonderful workings of great partnerships we have been blessed to have forged over the years.

 It is with great pleasure, a sense of humility and most certainly, a hefty dose of gratitude which I now make mention of our key partners. These are agencies and individuals who were not only willing to help us grow, but folks who were also willing to cut themselves short, making all kinds of sacrifices, in the best interest of the F.E.T.C.H. program and the people we served, lives we touched and futures we changed.

1.) First and foremost; let me thank you Robin. We would not have made it this far without you. Mrs. Robin Wright is the Director of the South Dade Weed and Seed Program, located in Homestead Florida. Robin has truly been there from the start (Five years and counting). She wrote our grant applications, administered our funding and budget (most of the time funding our activities and event out of her own pocket), as our fiscal agent, mentored our staff, consulted with us on numerous projects, and introduced us to several key partners without whom we would still be trying to figure out which way is up.

Robin we value the wonderful relationship which The F.E.T.C.H. Program has managed to maintain with Homestead Weed and Seed over the years and look forward to working with you and your agency in improving our mutual  community through the continued application of our youth development programs and family enrichment efforts. May The F.E.T.C.H. Program also be a blessing to your organization. We again pledge our support and wholehearted commitment to help building the human capital of our community and its advocates like the Homestead Weed and Seed Program. Peace and blessing to you and yours Robin.

2) New partnerships continue to evolve. All in the name of serving a most noble cause: Lifting up the less fortunate, empowering the helpless and bringing hope to those who have lost their way in life - by teaching, training and mentoring under-served and often forgotten, poor and needy youth and families.

In this regard we would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the U.S. Attorney's Office which has been such a strong backer of this program from its inception, providing funding, logistical support and governance. We would not have had access to as many of the youth and families without the assistance of the folks from the U.S. Attorneys' office. Your encouragement, inspiration and much need dolars are a key part of the equation for The F.E.T.C.H. Program and we certainly look for ward to long years of partnership with your wonderful organization.

3) Everyone, every program or small business needs an angel, and the F.E.T.C.H. Program certainly has its.  I speak here of Mrs. Lucy Roberts of the Evangelical Covenant Church- South East Conference. Mrs Lucy Roberts lives in Winter Park, Florida and is a member of the Audubon Park Covenant Church, Orlando, Florida (click here for more information on the Audubon Park Covenant Church, Orlando, FL).  She is also a member of the Compassion, Mercy and Justice Leadership Team of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Lucy is a key player in a division of outreach ministry called "Church Planting" which provides resources for ministries and their efforts to reach the poor and under-served in communities across the nation.

Lucy came to our assistance at a time when we needed her most. She has crossed geographical as well as racial barriers to bring us a helping hand, and much needed guidance. Mrs. Lucy Roberts, a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church (click here for more on Evangelical Covenant Church). Lucy was introduced to us while attending a workshop in Chicago, Illinois which was hosted by the Evangelical Covenant Church. The F.E.T.C.H. program has experienced some really large moves of God over the years, however within this past year, the Lord has really moved on our behalf in a mighty big way. We feel Lucy Roberts has been at the center of this movement over the past year, and pray for her continued assistance in helping us get to the place where we may meet our goal of providing hope training and resources to youth and families in need all across this planet Earth.

During this short time of knowing her, Lucy has managed to connect us with lender agencies, corporate training resources for board governance, structural and planning guidance, program  mentor-ship, and a vast array of ideas and inspiration regarding positioning the F.E.T.C.H. Program for future growth and development. She is a most effective grass-roots organizer, and a very knowledgeable player in the field of non-profit organization start-up, growth and development. I am most honored to have you on our board of directors Lucy, and I personally pray for your well-being, and continued success in this much needed area of ministry planting, growth and support. So on behalf of the F.E.T.C.H. Program I salute you my friend.

Thanks a million!